Star Tech: IT Easy - How To Hold Up A Bank

The steady pace of the store register beep, beep, beep can't compare to your heart rate. Hmm. Do I have enough money on my bank card to pay for this or will I be embarrassed when the card is declined? Whoops. How do I get off the bus, turn back and pay the light bill before it gets cut off?

These situations are all too familiar for me, and perhaps you as well. Try as we might, it's not always easy to keep track of our bank account or remember to pay all our bills. Thanks to online banking, our excuses are limited. Lots of local banks offer powerful online and tele-banking tools that reduce - even eliminate - our need to travel long distances and stand in longer lines at banks for service.

Convenient as online banking is, not all of us have computers or computer access. And, even if we do, sometimes we don't have access at critical times when we need it. Put that thinking in a box and pack it away. Today's Internet banking is mobile and accessible!

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