Tech IT Easy: 'Blue' Movies On Your Phone

For the sake of discussion, let's say you and I are going on a trip together. We check in and the airport required three hours before departure (or maybe two), then what? We could browse the stores, we could find a screen to confirm our departure gate, and we could read a newspaper. But that's all low tech, and this is a high-tech column.

If we are truly tech savvy, and we are, we will turn on our Bluetooth connection and allow all that information to come to us instead. Flight updates, shopping specials and all sorts of other relevant information can now be sent to our mobile phone at no cost to us.

The system, under the name Bluwave, will offer these services at both international airports in short order. But let's go beyond the airport. Imagine coming off the bus at the HWT Transport Centre and turning on your Bluetooth - your phone lights up with an alert, you see there is the latest music video from the hottest artiste and you are the first to see it, that's cool. Better yet, you see what looks like a TV commercial telling you they have an in-store special for passengers with their bus pass valid for only 30 minutes, that's rich. Best of all, your phone tells you a hurricane is on the way you should head home, that's really helpful.

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