Tech IT Easy: Messenger Of Death

If you're fortunate enough to have a BlackBerry, then in addition to a hole in your pocket, you have to pay the price of the dreaded BBM broadcast. In principle, it was the coolest feature ever - free text like messaging to everyone in your BBM contact list simultaneously. Wow, what a great app!

Instantly, I could tell my family and friends a joke, I could let them know about a party venue or I could surprise them with a juicy secret about my life. Seriously, BBM broadcast was a cool feature, for all of four and half minutes.

Come minute five, you realise that you are being bombarded with messages, about all sorts of things you're not interested in, sometimes from people you barely know. Of late, I have been getting the most offensive messages - off colour and profane jokes, party invites (that I am way too old for) and the senseless stolen car or missing child alters that amount to nothing.

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