Tech: IT Easy - Media Brat! On Demand Entertainment Is Everywhere

I had a chat with my mom and she was telling me tales of coming home to gather in front of the radio to wait, yes wait, for a programme. I have vague memories of doing the same for TV when I was a child, but now, the whole concept of waiting for what I want to watch seems like ancient history to me.

I, like many of you, am spoilt. Instant soup. Instant coffee. Instant access to media and entertainment is not only possible, it verges on common. Don't believe me? Ok, let's look at the options.

Let's say there is an international movie or TV you like which airs at an inconvenient time. I guarantee it will re-broadcast at another time. Same is true for the wide range of local content increasingly being produced. To make local content even more accessible, a number of local programmes are also broadcast on sister stations.

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