Tech Time: Extend Mobile Battery Life

Mobile phones are very useful tools, if they have power. With all the battery draining tasks our phones perform, it is no wonder we may find them drained when we most need them to perform. Here are a few simple tips to extend the life of a battery for maximum performance.
  1. Switch off the vibrate feature. Unless it is absolutely necessary, ditch this feature and opt for the ringer instead. But, keep the ringer low and turn off keypad tones to squeeze every bit of juice your battery has to offer.
  2. Adjust backlight settings. By default, your phone’s backlight will burn bright for a period of time after you are finished using it. Tweak your settings to reduce brightness and on time for a converse increase in battery life.
  3. Avoid power-hogging features. Taking pictures with flash and internet browsing suck power without mercy from your phones battery pack, wait for the recharge before performing these functions.
  4. Quit multitasking. The more the phone does, the more it eats the charge; close apps that may be running in the background to keep power available for your primary tasks.
  5. Turn off wireless features. It may seem counter productive to have a mobile phone without wireless, but Bluetooth® and WiFi features are not necessary for making calls and therefore can be sacrificed to extend overall battery life. This also applies to data services over EDGE and 3G, stick to the bare bones GSM for power performance.
  6. Charge phones regularly. It is no longer necessary to “condition” the battery or wait for the battery to be completely drained to recharge. Grab a charge when you can to keep your battery ready to perform.
  7. Keep phone and battery cool. Keeping both the phone and battery within optimal temperatures, even while charging, will help the battery to last longer.
  8. Replace your battery. This should be done every two to three years, because after this time even with the best care a standard battery will have issues keeping a charge.
If you find that even after following all of these tips, your phone battery dies within minutes after a full charge, contact a professional to seek out other hidden problems (and solutions).

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