Tech Time: PC Back Up and Storage

With regular long term use, the performance of our PC’s tend to be adversely affected by “weight”, the “weight” of malware, adware, needless programmes, excessive files and other efficiency stealers. Yet, if we were to loose our PC data, it could be catastrophic. Here are some tips to clean up, maintain and backup on PC data.

  1. Run Windows Update regularly. Better yet, set it to run automatically; for the casual user, this is the best ways to protect your PC from threats to loopholes in the OS
  2. Run Disk Cleanup regularly. This handy tool will help to eliminate temporary files, unneeded cookies, recycle bin files and other non-critical computer files
  3. Uninstall unused applications. There may be several programmes which you downloaded and installed to test, or stop using in favour of other programmes. Dump anything that you are not using and never will use again
  4. Organise documents. The Download folder is a catch all for a lot of files that are no longer necessary or relevant. Further , their may be duplicates on your Desktop or in your My Documents folder. Take a moment to do a thorough cleaning
  5. Remove malware, adware and spyware. These unwanted predators sap the speed from your PC and leave it vulnerable to attack
  6. Run an anti-virus programme regularly. Even the most vigilant PC user may be infected with a virus, so a regular anti-virus regimen is crucial to PC health
In addition to the standard Windows utilities mentioned above, there are a number of programmes to assist with PC maintenance, including:

Be on the look out for fake anti-virus that look that the real thing, but are really malware in disguise. Only use trusted, high-rated anti-virus programmes.

Finally, once all your files are in order, it is time to set a restore point and run a backup. Windows has onboard facilities to accomplish these tasks. Just a few points to note:
  1. Always make two backups on an external drive. The primary and secondary backup should not be at the same location and at least one must be offsite for maximum protection
  2. Consider the level of backup you will need and choose the appropriate method; backing up just your data may be advisable if time and cost are a factor as opposed to a full system backup
  3. The cloud now offers backup facilities
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