Tech IT Easy: Microsoft monopoly makes a comeback?

Not that long ago, we were accusing Microsoft of being a monopoly. Almost every PC was running on Windows, Office was the suite of choice and Internet Explorer killed Netscape as the most popular browser. In short, Microsoft was everywhere.

Google took a different path, but the results are similar. Most us have a GMail address, many of us have used Google Docs, and Chrome is fast becoming the most popular browser. Google is now omni-present in our lives and despite my fears of one entity having access to almost all my information, I'd accept an Android phone in a minute!

I am told in the last three months, Android sales have superseded those of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Nokias, capturing a robust 17 per cent of the smartphone market; that's a lot of phones. Android phones are the hottest, most exciting smartphones on the market. That is, until this week.

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