Tech IT Easy: Windows 8 Late

Microsoft is yet to announce the release date of its still-in- development operating system, Windows 8. But, during a preview earlier this year, the company revealed plans that it hopes will help it gain and keep the business tablet market.

Tablets, made popular by the category leader iPad, have changed the way many consume content. Books, movies, music - and not just entertainment - PDF files, spreadsheets, email and more, became immediately available in the palm of your hands, thanks to tablets.

Inspired by the tablet revolution and the rise of other touch-based devices like the popular, if not successful, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has developed a cross-platform OS with touch in mind for all devices. Instead of having to learn a new OS or work with different operating systems for your PC, tablet and phone, Windows 8 offers one OS for all devices.

On the PC, Windows 8 issues a death certificate to the traditional Windows Start Button in favour of live tiles, inspired by Windows Phone 7. Instead, live tiles ‹ updated with content from the app the tile represents ‹ replace the now-antiquated start menu. This has been ripped directly from WP7, which some would argue was ripped from iPhone.

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