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If you're a parent, aunt, uncle or cousin, I bet your pocket is already hurting from back-to-school shopping. Books, backpacks, writing instruments and a slew of other necessities probably took priority on your list of things to get for school. But let's face it, we live in a technology-driven world, so you've gotta get some tech for your little child, niece or nephew heading back to school next week.

Hardware always has a cost and, sometimes, that cost can be high. But students with the right hardware are much more likely to perform better in school. Some options to consider include:

Computer: PC or Mac, Desktop or Notebook, Tablet or Netbook, the choice of form is a personal decision, but it all starts here.

Printer/Copier/Scanner: Email and other forms of electronic submission are increasing in popularity, but paper is still the dominant form of communication.

Portable storage device: A simple flash drive will do for some, an external hard drive is needed by others; but the very nature of school means that students have to do work from multiple locations so portable storage is essential.

Digital Dictaphone: This one may not be a necessity, but it sure makes life easier to record lectures, study sessions, oral language practices. Many smartphones are great Dictaphones as well.

Not so necessary but really cool: All work and no play made Carlette a dull girl, if I were back in school my must have list would be augmented with a digital camera, a Sling Box, a TV, a DVD/Blu-ray disc player, external speakers, an MP3 player and a handheld game console.

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