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Streaming music services are great.  They offer listeners an opportunity to hear songs they may enjoy based on other songs that they enjoy.  The success of  the service is based largely on the scope of it’s database and it’s ability to deliver.

However die hard reggae lovers find popular music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora lacking in their range, while residents of Jamaica are geo-locked from the services all together.

Neither scenario is a problem for those who are Artekal.

Developed by a Jamaican for Jamaicans and Jamaicans at heart, Artekal is an online reggae music streaming service and app for lovers of reggae, ska, mento, rock steady, lovers rock and dancehall.

The innovative use of sliders allow users to select which path their journey through music will follow.  Decide on whether you want something more or less spiritual, faster or slower, more modern or classic and more heavy or upbeat.

Skip through songs that don’t quite appeal to you or add songs you love to a variety of playlists for later listening.

Artekal serves up music with album art, album title, song title and artiste along with a direct link to buy the track if it is available on iTunes.  If you like what you hear, you can share with your friends thanks to the built in social media and email integration.

The app is free to use, but a US$0.99 payment to the Apple App Store can get you an ad free experience.  Non iOS users can stream the services from the web browser of just about any internet enabled smartphone.

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