Jamaican Tech: Popup Shop

Bringing retail merchants and shoppers together is not so easy, especially if both the merchant and the buyer are on the move.  But, a novel new app, designed by Jamaicans, has a solution to that issue.  It’s called Popup Shop.

The concept is tried and proven, but the approach is new; harnessing technology to provide convenience.

In effect, a popup shop is any short term retail space.  Popup merchants are usually mobile and cater either to a niche or a convince market.  Their success depends on setting up in a location, and at a time, when several buyers are likely to see the shop.

The Popup Shop app helps merchants reach out to new and existing customers to alert them of, in effect, where the bargains are.

To set up, retailers register for the service online at http://popup-shop.co and provide details on their products, including images, and the locations at which they will be located.  In addition to the app auto pushing the location of the retailer at the time the retailer will be at the location, the app can also provide analytical information to guide merchants as to where interested customers may be congregated and ready to shop.

It’s a wonderful marketing tool for retailers and an ultra convenient service for shoppers.  The location aware app guides shoppers to their interests nearby.  They also get deals, specials and giveaways as a part of special promotions for registered users.

Though based in Jamaica, the very nature of the app is global.  Both merchants and shoppers anywhere in the world can benefit from the home grown app.  The team of entrepreneurs that developed the app, many of which in their early 20’s include:  Dmitri Dawkins, Jermaine Watson, Julian Josephs, Jon Thompson, Kevin Rowe, Jovan Evans, and Wayne Dawkins.

Popup Shop emerged as the third place winner from the ConnectiMass facilitated Startup Weekend Jamaica.  The two day tech entrepreneur workshop sponsored by Columbus Business Solutions,  helped teams take business ideas from pitches to business plan over a 54 hour long workshop.

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