Project Agro Takes Farmers to Digital Market

Developed by a group of young tech entrepreneurs, Project Agro is an innovative RSS to SMS tool that connects farmers to customers seeking agricultural goods.

At its core, registered buyers can place their orders and pre-orders in an online platform which is then routed to an appropriate farmer in the field on his mobile phone.  Neither internet access nor smartphones are necessary because Project Agro wisely makes use of SMS rather than data to ensure the widest possible access for farmers.

The system has the potential to ensure that, especially smaller farmers, don’t miss orders, properly manage their production and have a guaranteed market for the produce or livestock.  On the buyer side, hotels, supermarkets and other larger purchasers can efficiently consolidate their purchase orders into bulk orders while guaranteeing supply.

In addition to sending order alters, the platform can be used to broadcast relevant information about natural disasters, agricultural disease management and other details.

The innovative concept was born out of Startup Weekend Jamaica staged by ConnectiMass and sponsored by Columbus Communications.  The team of System Architect Jermaine Brown, Janice McLeod, Jermaine Henry and Adrian Thompson are in the process of beta testing the business concept with a  view to launch early next year.

On launch, the portal is expected to have the support of Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and other notable government agencies.

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