T4L: Local Innovation: Banana Bill

The World Bank initiative Digicam 3.0 spawned a great deal of local innovations by incentivizing the local app development community.  With that incentive, Project Grapevine, helmed by developers Nicholas Williams and Mannin Marsh, offered up Banana Bill.

The locally developed Android game available for free download in the Android Play Store is as addictive as it is simple. Players need only swipe diagonally across the screen to help the title character, a monkey named Bill, collect as many bananas as possible.  Other than pure enjoyment, the goal of the game is to complete the 32 levels and reclaim the Quantum Banana which has stolen by Atila - an evil rhino - and his minions.

Banana Bill Screen Shot

The game is fun to play on its own, but also great with friends thanks to build in social integration via Facebook.  The app is highly rated and well worth a try.

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