Tech4Life: Clean Your Drive

It is time to toss the junk you’ve been (unknowingly) hoarding inside your PC’s hard drive.

Over time, your PC will get cluttered.  Even the best machines will find that duplicate files and large files litter the PC hard drives, will find an obscenely large accumulation of redundant DLL files and unused programs and appalling large collection of old cookies and internet history files.

This collection of productivity busting files can lead to a host of problems from the annoying to the unsafe.  Machines that have been bogged down with digital gunk perform poorly, respond slowly, fester viruses and create openings for hackers.

Do not pass “Go”.  Do note collect $200.  Immediately download and run CCleaner.  This free software is arguably the best utility program available for Windows based machines.

Running the programme, from the PC or external drive (more on that anon) can remove unused, unnecessary and unhealthy files in addition to scrubbing the registry of dead file references.  CCleaner, with one pass, will remove cookies, browsing history and cashe; the programme will clear the Recycle Bin; it will dump the thumbnail cashe and update log files.  Forgotten, expired and useless programmes can be easily uninstalled.

Best of all, the compact and highly efficient utility allows users to tweak the configuration of their Start Up Programmes.

The result: a faster, leaner, healthier machine that has more hard drive space.  Even better, the free programme works with just about every version of Windows.

To further boost the functionality of CCleaner, the developers have included a 'run from drive' feature which means that it doesn’t even have to be installed to reap the massive benefits touted above.  Users can opt not to install CCleaner but rather run in from a jump drive.

Can you imagine borrowing a friend’s laptop, running the program from a jump drive, cleaning their machine and surprising them with power boost?!  Talk about a great gift!  Gift yourself first by downloading CCleaner here.

Of course, it should go without saying, back up your system both before and after this process and schedule regular cleanings.

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