Mobile Wallet: Its All About the Trinity

You’ve heard the term mobile wallet, money money and mobile payments used interchangeably because they often refer to the same thing - ditching cash in favour to mobile phones for financial transactions.

Mobile wallet services are popular all around the world; from simple SMS based systems in Kenya, carrier supported systems in Haiti to advanced handset tied systems like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, cellphone based payment systems are gaining acceptance.

Locally, Conec is the first to market with a mobile wallet service with a range of features including bill payments and person to person payments.

Can these services be trusted?  Conec says yes!

Conec, a service of JUCCL, in partnership with global provider Mozido, combines a range of tools to offer a comprehensive security system.  The tools include:
  • a guarantee that money will not be lost if the handset is lost or stolen, because the account information including account value, is stored in the cloud
  • encrypted data stored in accordance to internationally accepted standards
  • online access to account and funds, no handset required
  • a trifecta of user based safeguards - a PIN, a personal password and a secret word to restrict access

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