Made in Value: LASCO's Huawei Product Range Has Options

Sure Apple and Samsung dominate the market when it comes to handsets and tablets.  They offer great high end devices with matching prices.

So, is there an option?  Huawei.  Yup.  Huawei recently rose to the the #3 spot in the mobile market with a suite of devices that includes handsets, tablets and even wearables.

Bang, Bang Features

Locally, the Chinese brand has partnered with LASCO Financial Services to make the line available to Jamaica.  As a special bonus, all Huawei phones distributed by LASCO are unlocked, making them perfect for a post number portability landscape.   Bang!

Many handsets are also dual SIM; this is great if you have a work and personal number, like to have a number with both Digicel and FLOW or if you just like to show off with two numbers. Bang!

Value Handsets

The impressive range of seven featured handsets on offer include the G7 and G730, P8 and P8 Lite, the G Play Mini and the very affordable Y520, Y525 and Y535.  All handsets take advantage of the Android OS and have a clean, un-cumbersome user interface (UI).  Gram for gram, Huawei devices offer comparable features to their top rivals.

Talk About Range

Huawei TalkBand B2
Sure, handsets are sexy.  But Huawei takes it further by offering tablets and wearables.  At LASCO, you can pick up the Media Pad 2 for a lot less money but with excellent build quality - a feature often absent from budget tablets.

Most notable however are the TalkBand B1 and TalkBand B2, exclusively offered by LASCO.  The device is a trendy looking smart watch and activity tracker that pops out to become a bluetooth headset … a headset!

This awesome functionality makes the TalkBand more than just a another smartwatch.  For someone like me who tends to lose small gadgets often, I think its one of the best new tech features in recent times.

But wait!  That is not all.  The TalkBand B1 and B2 works seamlessly with Huawei gear … AND iPhones.  Amazing!

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