T4L: Hybrid Hit Home

The three-day spectacle was an assault on the senses.  Everywhere you turned, there was something to look at, hear, touch or taste at the clearly successful Jamaica Expo.

The tiny but tallawah Amber Connect device was great.  The potentially transformational JUTC Smarter Card was encouraging.  But, Kelly Tomlin’s personal car parked perched on a platform the centre of the arena for the JPS booth was, without a doubt, the most ogle-worthy display at Expo.

Yes, her personal car.  A shiny Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid ramped yup the previously muted discussion on the viability and practically of electrics cars on local roadways.

By all reviews and Tomlin’s own, the car is more than adequate to the task of navigating our notorious potholes and hilly interior.  The 2L 16 valve in-line 4-cylinder engine pushes the SUV from zero to 62 mph in a comfortable 11 seconds.

The vehicle charges overnight in a special outlet which, I am told, is easy to install.  JPS has indicated that they plan to roll out changing stations across the Corporate Area (and perhaps to major towns).  But, really, charging stations are moot for this hybrid that can self-charge on gas.

On a full charge, you can expect to drive upwards of 32.5 miles.  For me, that’s more than enough to go to and from work or for errand runs on a Saturday.  Respectable.  You can also expect 148 MPG.  148 MPG with today’s gas prices means that you’ll spend more on the concert ticket than the gas for your next trip to MoBay!

Tomlin joined a handful of drivers who didn’t wait for government incentives to bring in her environmentally friendly car.  Are you ready to join in?

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