T4L: I want my own Alfred

You could be a mogul running a multi-million dollar global enterprise.  Or, you could be a mom with three kids.  Either way, you’d probably like to have an assistant.

An assistant can be a life saver.  The best assistants are great at managing your appointments and taking notes.  They are always available and accurate.  And they always expensive!

Well, perhaps not.

Siri, Cortana, Alexia and the androgynous Google Now are virtual assistances immediately available for hire and they are free - if you have the accompanying expensive hardware.

Each service can provide (now) basic information on weather, directions, and reminders.  Many can search for trivia and control phone functions.  For way cool Star Trek: The Next Generation like control over your home, pair up your virtual assistant with some third party, IOT enabled devices and never press a button again to turn on your lights.

If an investment of a few thousand dollars to pimp out your house to have a conversation with your phone doesn’t entice you, at least you can still put your “free” virtual assistant to work to give you location based reminders, tell you a joke or read your email and text messages out loud.

Ironically, Facebook is the last to market with a virtual assistant, trending behind Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.  But, FB is not far behind with recent announcements of their own assistant to come to wild later this year.

You don’t have to wait.  Hire an assistant right now.

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