Load and Lock - Setting up a child tablet

Load and Lock - Setting up a child tablet

I was allowed to walk to school at seven. I even made a transatlantic flight with a wheelchair-bound grandmother at seven.

Today, Seven-year-olds face a different set of challenges; and like our parents before us, we’ve got to protect our kids. Unlike our parents, we’ve got to protect our kids from the internet. There is a lot of danger lurking around out there.

iOS Tablet Setup

For parents that have spent their hard earned funds to buy their kid, a dedicated iOS tablet, kudos to you. Now, its time to set it up right. (Android users, you're next).

Let’s assume that your child doesn’t already have an AppleID. All Apple devices require users to log in with an AppleID. As they say on the Apple website, "A single Apple ID and password gives you access to all Apple services." You can use any email address to set it up, or you can set up a new iCloud email.

Cumbersome as it may be, I suggest it is time for your child to have their own (supervised) email address for this and other purposes. Like life insurance, you get it now, and it's easier to transfer to the child later.

Once you’ve set up the AppleID log onto the child’s device with the AppleID and set up Family Sharing. Now you have a robust set of features at your fingertips. You can:

  • Set Screen Time Limits

  • Disable specific apps

  • Restrict app purchases and content

  • Check location

Click here for more information about Apple Family Sharing.

Android Tablet Set Up

While Apple provides superior control over a designated family iOS device from the parent account, it only works for dedicated devices.

If your budget can’t stretch to provide a unit for each child, and instead you share your Android phone or tablet with the little ones, some Android allows you have multiple users on a single handset.

Weather dedicated tablet or shared device, Android users can tap Family Link to exert control of the kid's digital access.

With Family Link, parents can:

  • Exercise control over their child’s Google Account settings

  • Restrict apps and content

  • Locate the device, and most importantly

  • Monitor and limit screen time

Click here for more information on Android Family Link.

Children must be protected.

Both Apple Family Time and Android Family Link allow for changes on the fly after the initial settings are locked in. In fact, kids can request for more screen time or app access with just a few taps. No screaming required. If you've determined that they have been not naughty, you can say yes (or no) with a simple swipe without adjusting the overall settings. I call it a temporary manual override (TMO). And you can do all this from across the room, the city or the world.

Email for Junior:  Setting Up Child Email Addresses

Email for Junior: Setting Up Child Email Addresses

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